Rev. Roger Vest

Dr. Joyce Drayton.

Cindi Yeager

Freddy S. Minnifield MSW

Secretary, Treasurer

Teacher, Social Worker

Counselor, Entrepreneur


I've learned so much since I've started going to Safe place. I feel better about myself and know i'm going to do great things in the future.  - Program Participant


Melvin Riley

Vice President

Community Volunteer and Motivational Speaker

Lynne Vincent

Event Coordinator

Community Organizer and Business Owner

  • Monthly Outings (Field Trips)
  • Annual Benefit Gala 
  • Special Monthly Programming 
  • Community Partnership Initiatives

Bryan A. Jones

Chair Person

Licensed Professional Counselor, Minister and Entrepreneur

Services we currently provide

  • Saturday Boys Enrichment Training
  • Young Men (YM) Conference
  • Mother's Day Appreciation Event
  • Parent and single-mother workshops

Meet Our Team

Our Boys Enrichment Training is our flagship program at SAFE Place.  This program has been specifically created for young men between 12-17 years old.  We accept boys from all over the Metro-Atlanta area and through our weekly programs challenge them to grow and become future leaders. We provide them with the tools, the skills and the opportunity to succeed.  They provide us with inspiration and hope for a better future.

SAFE Place Atlanta has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for at-risk youth by providing an environment that allows them to explore the possibilities of tomorrow. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. 

Our mission is dedicated to providing an environment where a choice is provided to the youth of our communities that will allow them to identify with their purpose, enhance their character, improve their outlook and set achievable goals.

Our team is working very hard on several projects that will immediately change the lives of youth within the South Cobb area.  We are currently evaluating several new and existing programs in order to best serve our most precious resources.

Our Mission

Urgent Projects

who are we




Providing motivation and inspiration through dedication